Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hell Left The Light On

Born with no choice
Yet fights society every day,
He wonders if it’s worth it to go on.
When different on the inside
Than the outer shell does say,
You can see Hell left the light on.

She prays for it to end
But no god finds time to intervene.
She drifts to a world that's far gone.
Violated, humiliated
Her whole self now unclean.
All because Hell left the light on.

His color viewed as “lesser”
By those who find pleasure in hate.
He stays in the shadows, withdrawn.
He goes on with his life
Though the pressure is great.
Always wary, since Hell left the light on.

Her husband and children
Slaughtered before her eyes
She was then raped and sold before dawn.
With God as the government
The devils arise
To make sure that Hell left the light on.

The disease has spread
Poisoning him to his core.
Death is a conclusion foregone.
He’s fighting for life
In a game he can’t score.
And he knows Hell left the light on.

Knelt before the man of God,
Then told he’d be released from sin.
He prayed it wouldn’t take long.
He wipes himself clean,
Looks in the mirror again,
And wonders why Hell left the light on.

Alone with their despondency,
Their world has crashed all throughout.
The loss of their child they dwell on.
They speak of before
When that’s what life was about.
Long before Hell left the light on.

--Randal D. Anderson
June 7, 2016

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