Sunday, November 15, 2015


I worry about my wife,
And her daily battle with cancer.
I worry about my mother,
And her minute-by-minute struggle with Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris (PRP)
I worry about my oldest son,
His seizures, his learning disabilities, and if he'll ever have the skills to live independently.
I worry about my youngest son,
And if he is being damaged by the struggles we have at home.

I worry about my voice,
And if anyone will ever again hear how I truly sound.
I worry about my heart,
And how each time I get sick could mean my death.
I worry about my friends,
And the struggles they, too, must endure.
I worry about my students,
And the challenges they face trying to get an education.

I worry about my country,
And all the hatred and anger that is so prevalent.
I worry about politics,
And how the truth is whatever one wants it to be.
I worry about the Republican party,
And their espoused hatred toward everyone who is not a rich, straight white male.
Then I worry about all the women, and all the other males,
That continue to vote for them.

I worry about war,
And how so many die just so few can earn a profit.
I worry about terrorism,
And how that ideology can't be defeated by more violence.
I worry about the atrocities,
And how easy it is to motivate people to commit them.
I worry about humanity,
And how some people are more valued than others.

I worry about fear,
And how it is used to foster hatred.
I worry about extremists.
And the ideology they promote.
I worry about retaliation,
And the fear and ignorance that breeds it.
I worry about violence,
And the innocent caught in its wake.

I worry about women worldwide,
And how so many are treated as property.
I worry about children worldwide,
And the horrors so many have been forced to experience.
I worry about slavery,
And how widespread it is still used for sex and labor.
I worry about poverty,
And how so much of the world is in it.

I worry about inequality,
And how so much is owned and controlled by so few.
I worry about society,
And the way many want to keep the chasm of classes.
I worry about capitalism,
And how everything is about the all-mighty dollar.
I worry about socialism,
And how so many prefer societal inequality instead.

I worry about healthcare,
And how some think it is not an inalienable right.
I worry about water,
And how some think the same way.
I worry about the planet,
And the damage we humans have done to it.
I worry about facts,
And how if they don't fit one's opinion, then they can't be true.

I worry about science and mathematics,
And how so few people choose to understand them.
I worry about religion,
And how frequently it is misused and abused throughout the world.
I worry about persecution,
And how religion is used to justify horrors beyond imagination.
I worry about history,
And how some try to rewrite it for their own gain.

I worry about the future,
And the world my children will inherit.
I worry about death,
And how my oldest son will survive once I am gone. 
I worry about love,
And how so few ever find it.
I worry about life,
And wish everyone found all of it worth treasuring.

--Randal D. Anderson
November 15, 2015

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