Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Fall of Humanity

"In the beginning…"; Adam and Eve; creationism; the big bang; evolutionism; Darwinism; beliefs; faith; closed mindedness; religion; holiness; the Pope; confession; prayer; spiritualism; struggling; choices; illusions; appearance; utopia; New World Order; totalitarianism; authority; fascism; nationalism; civil rights; equal opportunity; affirmative action; racism; xenophobia; hate crimes; immorality; lewdness; sexual harassment; law suits; injustice; drug tests; surveillance; unconstitutionality; destructiveness; vandalism; disrespect; bigotry; stupidity; egotism; narcissism; self-centeredness; industrialism; oppression; Adolph Hitler; concentration camps; the Holocaust; ethnic cleansing; religious persecution; freedom of religion; Puritanism; doubtfulness; the fountain of youth; beauty; nature; depletion of the rain forests; commercialism; greed; the American Dream; materialism; possessions; slavery; Abraham Lincoln; presidents; legacy; failure; success; George Washington; the American Revolution; the Declaration of Independence; "…all men are created equal…"

Money; financial security; wealth; the one percent; power; corruption; government; national security; The National Security Agency; disinformation; paranoia; conspiracies; ufos; aliens; existence; self-existence; consciousness; free thought; existentialism; responsibility; teen pregnancy; welfare; social classes; sophistication; high society; overindulgence; food; fast food; eating; gluttony; obesity; heart disease; health care; vaccinations; public health; the Surgeon General; World Health Organization; diseases; The Centers for Disease Control; Ebola; flu; AIDS; epidemics; mortality; death; assisted suicide; sympathy; sensitivity; political correctness; prejudices; tolerance; domestic abuse; violence; jihad; religious extremism; terrorism; war; preemptive war; war hawks; the military; international policy; geopolitics; foreign policy; world leaders; public relations; press conferences; spin doctors; pundits; propaganda; news media; conglomerates; information; focus groups; opinions; abortion; The Supreme Court; the judicial system; laws; anarchy; chaos; mathematics; Isaac Newton; physics; Albert Einstein; relativity; science; cloning; ethics; family values; entertainment; Hollywood; movies; movie remakes; movie sequels; soundtracks; music; the RIAA; rock music; classical music; country music; pop music; disco music; soul music; rap music; music television; puberty; teen-agers; high school; public schools; private schools; education; studying; teachers; college; higher education; Universities; research; PHDs; graduation; employment; tenure; job security; income; revenue; corporations; profits; Wall Street; deficits; economies; recession; layoffs; unemployment; outsourcing; minimum wage; skid row; poverty; homelessness; desperation; runaways; prostitution; brothels; sex; adult videos; immodesty; pornography.

Innocence; naiveté; your first kiss; spin the bottle; virginity; intercourse; promiscuity; sexually transmitted diseases; condoms; ejaculation; orgasms; the clitoris; multiple orgasms; sexual awareness; sexuality; erections; masturbation; the sexual revolution; group sex; oral sex; sexual favors; fornication; heterosexuality; bisexuality; homosexuality; sodomy; transvestism; lesbianism; your libido; strip clubs; sex clubs; voyeurism; exhibitionism; inhibitions; BDSM; fetishes; spankings; sadism; rape; sexual slavery; emotional abuse; hopelessness; suicide; questions; queries; answers; tests; knowledge; trivia; games; contests; sports; professional sports; heroes; role models; popularity; adulation; publicity; celebrities; royalty; people; reputations; social lives; friendship; friends; lovers; being single; dating; marriage; husbands; wives; ex-wives; ex-husbands; misogamy; divorce; alimony; debt; loans; credit cards; shopping; consumerism; capitalism; free enterprise; merchandising; importing; exporting; oil companies; oil; dependencies; codependency; dysfunctional relationships; relatives; in-laws; families; children; parenthood; adults; age; youth; admiration; ego; conceit; vanity; modesty; respect; differences; arguments; confrontation; aggression; surrender; losing; winning.

The stock market; technology; the internet; computers; computer programs; Microsoft; Google; Apple; monopolies; oligopolies; loopholes; taxes; tax deductions; the Internal Revenue Service; audits; bookkeeping; finances; financial institutions; banks; interest rates; the Federal Reserve; dictatorships; monarchies; executive orders; actions; the electoral college; voting; Super PACs; polls; the majority; groups; initiations; fraternities; sororities; organizations; activism; animal rights; animal abuse; crush porn; animals; zoos; extinction; Armageddon; population growth; the environment; the EPA; the oceans; the ozone layer; environmentalism; pollution; automobiles; traveling; tourism; vacations; workaholics; overtime; unions; contracts; collective bargaining; legality; interpretations; expressionism; emotions; feelings; fear; books; literature; reading; literacy; illiteracy; ignorance; stubbornness; frustration; aggravation; stress; tension; migraine headaches; concentration; attention deficit disorder; Ritalin; prescription drugs; medicine; doctors; mental hospitals; psychology; psychologists; psychiatrists; self help books; self-esteem; size matters; the penis; breast implants; the Barbie doll; sexism; discrimination; white power; the Confederate flag; segregation; ethnicity; integration; alienation; nationalism; citizenship; immigration; opportunities; happiness; jubilation; Heaven; angels; church; the last supper; atheism.

Hell; directions; editors; news papers; radio; journalism; communication; trust; sophistry; lies; dishonor; integrity; amorality; guidance; counseling; revelations; reformations; born again Christians; Christianity; Judaism; Islamism; Hinduism; Buddhism; Pantheism; Voodooism; Taoism; mysticism; mythology; gullibility; psychics; astrology; the Universe; brilliance; The Seven Natural Wonders of the World; The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World; engineers; fiber optics; telecommunication; electricity; e-mail; rumors; gossip; romance; lovelessness; sexlessness; sex changes; change; nonconformity; delinquency; detention; house arrest; apartments; real estate; impracticality; radicals; zealousness; apathy; Americans; egocentrism; individuality; uniqueness; life; surviving; natural disasters; mother nature; climate change; the weather; predictions; guarantees; warranties; documentation; illegal aliens; emigration; migration; paradise; perfection; adoration; idolization; curiosity; philosophy; theology; polytheism; monotheism; ceremonies; sacrifices; loyalty; blindness; handicaps; neutrality; antidepressants; lucidity; intelligence; artificial intelligence; imbecility; the 20th Century; crimes against humanity; misanthropy; inhumanity; vengefulness; cruelty; evil; morbidity; agony; mercy; therapy; time; deadlines; compensation; wages; CEOs; proletarians; subordination; insubordination; redemption; recruiting; drafts; canon fodder; sudden death; regretfulness; reflection; reunions; memories; honor.

The right to bear arms; guns; mass shootings; weapons; weapons of mass destruction; Hiroshima; nuclear waste; nuclear power; radiation; x-rays; microwaves; cooking; restaurants; waiting in lines; impatience; road rage; air rage; sensibility; moderation; addiction; alcoholism; Alcoholics Anonymous; M.A.D.D.; magazines; satire; sarcasm; irony; confusion; assumptions; accusations; facts; evidence; testimony; interrogation; due process; unreasonableness; cost of living; inflation; deflation; monetary value; business; partnerships; bankruptcy; morality; obscenity; orgies; swingers; passion; lust; prudishness; vulgarity; realism; the Vietnam War; the Iraq War; collateral damage; the War on Terror; oxymorons; the Constitution of the Unites States of America; some assembly required; determination; obsession; justification; statistics; manipulation; persuasion; antagonism; imperialism; detestation; hatred; intolerance; retaliation; rebellion; separatism; independence; internationality; passports; paper work; dialogue; editorials; conservatism; liberalism; debate; discussions; congressional hearings; deliberations; denial; war crimes; illegality; impeachment; obligations; criticism; blackmail; censorship; officialism; discrepancy; cynicism; objectivity; compassion; love.

Gay rights; gay marriage; women’s rights; NOW; misogyny; men; impotence; Viagra; arousal; prurience; lubrication; eroticism; birth control; the pill; pleasure; enjoyment; laughter; zaniness; immaturity; childhood; maturity; social security; pensions; retirement; elderly; false teeth; hearing aides; language; sign language; profanity; prohibition; progress; visionaries; praise; compliments; insults; rejection; lovelorn; romance novels; soap operas; dramas; Shakespeare; tragedies; funerals; fatalism; assistance; generosity; hospitality; inhospitality; first impressions; profiling; entrapment; angst; anxiety; safety; the FDA; inspections; internal affairs; reports; lists; top ten lists; humor; comedy; art; architecture; buildings; concrete; road construction; mass transit; aviation; hijackings; 9/11; panic; revenge; wrath; abductions; kidnappings; guerillas; militias; the police; hand cuffs; restraining orders; stalking; predators; beastiality; fur; baldness; long hair; body piercings; tattoos; parlors; bars; spirit; salvation; conservationism; commitment; associations; advancement; promotions; productivity; laziness; slackers; carelessness; contentedness; the status quo; tradition; attachments; fads; artificialness; artificial coloring; artificial insemination; sperm; ovum; pregnancy; morning sickness; contractions; vaginas; gynecology; menstruation; PMS; penis envy; tastelessness; miracles; inventions; fences; gated communities; trailer parks; theme parks.

Cities; London; Tokyo; Moscow; Paris; Washington D.C.; New York City; Los Angeles; Las Vegas; gambling; lotteries; imagination; Playboy Magazine; breasts; plastic surgery; fashion; fashion models; anorexia; bulimia; bikinis; high heels; neckties; professionalism; dress codes; uniforms; clothes; nudity; nudism; alternative lifestyles; polygamy; monogamy; adultery; temptation; self-indulgence; desire; forbidden fruit; irresistibility; weakness; sin; sloth; exercise; aerobics; body building; gyms; health clubs; nightclubs; meat markets; red meat; slaughter houses; vegetarianism; vegetables; farming; agriculture; rural areas; inner city; gangs; intimidation; harassment; telemarketing; sales people; marketing; advertising; commercials; infomercials; late night television; insomnia; sleep; nightmares; dreams; reality; virtual reality; artificial intelligence; science fiction; the future; insanity; Earth; colonization; space; NASA; the space program; satellites; big brother; snooping; spying; privacy; USA Patriot Act; liberty; free speech; the media; monotony; repetition; suburbia; commuting; rush hour; traffic; certainty; confidence; pride; arrogance; disdain; scorn; Mondays; work; management; empowerment; kings; queens; nobility; aristocracy; elitism; snobbishness; insecurity; jealousy; relationships; companionship; company; visitors; solitude; isolation; loneliness.

Humanity; human nature; phobias; sanitation; rating systems; award shows; reality television; lack of creativity; originality; inspiration; musicians; artists; writers; verbosity; polygraphy; free association; ideas; patents; copyrights; intellectual property; plagiarism; stealing; espionage; classified documents; post-it notes; reminders; to-do lists; preparedness; the boy scouts; the girl scouts; fellowship; camaraderie; communities; societies; civilization; culture; manners; courteousness; rudeness; passiveness; truce; peace; abnormality; polyamory; intimacy; sexual gratification; rewards; acceptance; approval; endorsements; royalties; spokesmanship; agents; insurance; accidents; casualties; victims; fate; destiny; immortality; eternity; meetings; conferences; consultations; councils; clubs; the YMCA; dues; fees; the black market; prices; coupons; tickets; certificates; charity; food stamps; starvation; social issues; pressure; force; coercion; torture; rendition; vindication; excuses; impunity; immunity; HIV; plagues; pandemics; overpopulation; dwindling natural resources; water; necessities; requirements; regulations; rules; edicts; commands; vetoes; insatiableness; stoicism; indifference; biasness; favors; gifts; the Statue of Liberty; symbols; image; security cameras; video recorders; video games; special effects; visuals; sound; waves; light; speed; adventure; relaxation; exploration.

Historiography; Christopher Columbus; the New World; savages; protestors; criminals; jail; prison; punishment; crimes and misdemeanors; homicide; murder; capital punishment; executions; snuff films; sordidness; selfies; social media; smart phones; phones; 911; emergencies; hospitals; surgery; pain; grief; grievances; suffering; cancer; legislation; privileges; seniority; permission; authorization; obedience; order; riots; anger; patience; abstinence; safe sex; vibrators; phallic symbols; remote controls; accessories; over-usage; wi-fi; wireless technology; information technology; the 21st Century; bitterness; pessimism; despondency; depression; holidays; family; maternity leave; mothers; birthing; paternity leave; fathers; posterity; siblings; idiosyncrasies; charisma; personality; self-importance; The United Nations; ideology; communism; socialism; Marxism; democracy; republics; Super PACS; elections; fraudulence; corporations are people; excess; wastefulness; selfishness; possessiveness; ownership; franchising; free markets; competition; cheating; dieting; New Year's resolutions; promises; political conventions; fabrications; deception; lying; perjury; witnesses; trials; jury duty; lawyers; judges; justice.

The Bible; The Torah; The Koran; Mohammed; Jesus; Christ; God; the Anti-Christ; Satan; Satanism; occults; sects; theocracy; orthodoxy; the Christian Coalition; hypocrisy; politics; lobbyists; Capitol Hill; politicians; republicans; democrats; congress; organized crime; drug trafficking; human trafficking; bribery; gun control; the NRA; the ATF; the FBI; the CIA; the Mafia; secrecy; classified information; top secret; Roswell, New Mexico; cover-ups; Area 51; ufology; S.E.T.I.; the paranormal; crop circles; the supernatural; the Bermuda Triangle; the unexplained; the Sumerians; the Aztecs; archeology; theories; history; controversies; skepticism; prophecies; Nostradamus; interpretations; contradictions; explanations; sensationalism; talk shows; tabloids; news; free press; control; brainwashing; television; video streaming; diversions; pop culture; impressionability; children; child care; adoption; child support; child abuse; molestation; incest; pedophilia; sexual abuse; exploitation; women; feminism; equality; optimism; idealism; unity; desegregation; diversity; society; the population; over population; practicality; world dependence; assimilation; conformity; followers; peer pressure; cigarettes; tobacco; drugs; marijuana; legalization; freedom; nonexistence; fantasy; the magic bullet; JFK; MLK; the KKK.

The Bill of Rights; civil liberties; Department of Homeland Security; Amnesty International; ICRC; NATO; WTO; acronyms.


Microorganisms; viruses.


--Randal D. Anderson

December 2, 2015

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