Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fading Away

My son, I have something to tell you.
Yes it's cancer, please try not to cry.
I have but a few months of still breathing,
So today I begin saying goodbye.

I'll be doing some national drug trials.
Helping them learn from what I go through.
No, there's no pain, I really do feel good.
Yeah, the doctors find that very strange, too.

Mom and I will keep you updated often.
She and I have things to take care of right now.
I need to go but know that I love you.
I'm going to make the most of what time will allow.

Hey son, yes it's dad, how are you now?
Oh, I'm doing well and still there's no pain.
Yes, everything is all taken care of.
I forgot I liked hearing the rain.

We were hoping to visit you all, soon.
But now we're not sure if we can.
We'll know more when I get tested next week.
Yeah, nothing ever goes as you plan.

Well son, another cancer has hit me.
This one so rare there's no name.
I'm now out of the national drug trial.
With all other meds, yes I did do the same.

They now give me a week left to be here.
We'll see how true that turns out to be.
I'm saying my final goodbyes now.
Please try not to find tears for me.

I know that it's hard but stay strong son.
Your wife and your boys need you too.
Your mom will be well taken care of.
I'll talk with you soon. I love you.

Well son, there's a lot going on here.
It's strange knowing that you're going to die.
So many people stop over to visit.
I'm glad I have time to say goodbye.

I really have lived a good life, now
And I'm proud of the man you've become.
Take care of your wife and my grandsons.
I hear the rhythm of my final drum.

Hey son, it's been almost a month now.
Guess those doctors were wrong after all.
Yeah, I'm weak and I tire real easy.
I need to go rest now, I love you all.

Well son, thank you for the videos.
I love those boys so much, yes I do.
It's getting harder to type on my phone now.
Just know how much I love you.

Hey son, I'm getting real weak, now.
I sleep for most of the day.
When awake I feel pain all through me.
I feel I'm starting to fade away.

Well son, I don't ... will ... long now.
It's ... harder ... remember things ... knew.
Need ... go back ... sleep ...
I know ... time ... almost through.

... son, know... love you.
... tired. ... sleep. ... pain.
... love the boys, ... your mom, ... your wife.
I think ... in ... brain.

... son, ... tired ... rest, now.
... what I ... to do.
I've ... good life.
... love you.


--Randal D. Anderson
June 13, 2015

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